Simbu turns a spiritualist

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Simbu turns a spiritualist

Actor Simbu is now into spirituality.  He does Yoga and meditation.  He does not have the same vigour as before.  He does not make controversial comments.  He appears peaceful. He speaks softly. 

In a development, Simbu left for Himalayas few days back.  Rajini is used to visiting Himalayas where he takes up meditation.  Simbu follows Rajini’s trail and left for Himalayas. 

Simbu wore the saffron dhoti, sported the rudraskha and went on pilgrimage to holy places in Himalayas.  He worshipped the deities with ardent devotion.  He took rest by sitting in roadside walls.  Simbu meditated inside the mountain caves. 
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Simbu spoke about turning a spiritualist: -

‘God has given me sufficient fame. I have sufficient money.  I have support from fans.  Now, I can sense that I am in a different world.’

‘Henceforth, earning money is not important.  Soon I would keep away from cinema and take rest for some time.

Nowadays, Simbu prefers more of spiritual discourse than speaking about movies. 


 Simbu In Spiritual Trip Exclusive Photos



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