Simbu’s friendship with Lekha Washington

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Saturday, Nov 03, 2012

Simbu’s friendship with Lekha Washington

Lekha Washington signed up for movie Kettavan, which is directorial venture by Simbu.  The shooting for the movie was held for few days, and then everything came to standstill.  Following the movie, Lekha Washington did movies as Jayam Kondaan and Quarter Cutting.  As Simbu promised Lekha a movie chance, she stuck to him.  Although Simbu has not given Lekha a chance, their friendship seems to have become strong.  Also, both Simbu and Lekha are used to meeting in Star Hotels. 

Lekha is now into efforts to direct a short film.  As Lekha approached Simbu for discussion of script, he took it up like his own job and held discussion.  Not alone that, Simbu seems to have promised that he would do the movie if Lekha desires.

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