Simbu’s interview as ‘Podaa Podi’ is in theaters

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Tuesday, Nov 20, 2012

Simbu’s interview as ‘Podaa Podi’ is in theaters

Movie ‘Podaa Podi’ starring Simbu is running successfully in theaters.  After release of ‘Podaa Podi’, Simbu is busy with shooting schedules of Vaalu and Vettai Mannan.  Here are excerpts from interview that Simbu gave:-

Question: - How do you select stories?

‘Answer: - I would see how far I fit into the story.  I think about whether I would suit the character.  If it turns okay, I would do the movie.

Question: - Would you do the movie only if you like the director and heroine?

Answer: - If I think that way, I cannot act.  I analyze whether story and character are good.  It is enough if the story is good and I suit the story.  I am interested in introducing technicians. 

Question: - What do you feel about number Love PaNNalaama? Vendaama in ‘Podaa Podi’?

Answer: - Always, I jot down what I like.  I wrote the lyrics long time back.  Since the number suits the movie Podaa Podi, the number occurs in the movie.

Question:- Love PaNNalaama VeNdaama?

Answer: Definitely one could. 

Question: - When would you marry?

Answer: I like children. So, I would definitely marry.

Question: - How do you desire your wife to be?

Answer: - My wife should know a bit about cinemas.  As the child should be beautiful, wife needs to be beautiful.  It does not require her to cook for me and there is no necessity she should accompany me to places.

Question: - Do you have friends in women?

Answer: - I do not have any such friend.  I am single.

Question: - Whom do you like among new actresses?

Answer: - Amala Paul and Hansika…

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