Simran speaks as she sets forth to make movie

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Wednesday, Nov 07, 2012

Simran speaks as she sets forth to make movie

Actress Simran proved a sensation in Kollywood cinemas for more than ten years.  Through her dance moves, Simran mesmerized fans.  Till date, beyond being appreciated a good actress, it is obvious that no other actress could reach her level. 

Then later, Simran put full-stop to acting and entered family life.  Then, Simran resumed career in small screen. Since there is tremendous welcome, Simran seems to have decided to produce Tamil cinema.  Regarding this, Simran spoke:-

‘Whatever be the movie, it is story that wins.  So, I am in search of director who could relate good story.  The reason for mega ventures failing is the dearth for stories.  Small ventures turn hits due to good story.  I would soon give a good movie in Tamil cinemas.’
Also, Simran opines that as technology grows, actors should chisel their acting abilities.

When asked about whether it is true that her husband is to enter cine field, Simran smilingly replied:-

‘My husband does not have time even for his own business.  Somebody has triggered off a rumor. Acting would not suit him.’

Do you have any idea of acting in movie?

‘Definitely, I would.  I turned fat after delivery of child. Now I have started going to Gym.  Sure, I would act if given a chance’ said a confident Simran.

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