‘Sivaji 3D’ to be released on Rajini’s birthday

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Wednesday, Nov 21, 2012

‘Sivaji 3D’ to be released on Rajini’s birthday

Movie Sivaji, starring Rajini and Shreya, and which was released in 2007 has been made in 3D.  The schedules for conversion of the movie to 3D were carried out for two years. Now the schedules are over. 

Recently, the numbers and trailer for the movie were released.  Rajini participated in the event and watched the movie wearing a 3D glass.  It is to be noted that the movie turns out the first among Rajini movies to be released in 3D.

The production unit for the movie, AVM Company has announced that the movie would be released the coming December 12th all over Tamil Nadu. The day happens to be Rajini’s birthday.  In other countries, the movie is being released on the same date.  It seems the movie would be screened in more than 200 theaters. 

In movie Sivaji, along with Rajini, there are other stars as Shreya, Vivek, Manivannan, Suman and Solomon Pappaiyyaa. The movie is direction by Shankar.  AR Rahman has composed the music.  The movie has numbers as Vaaji Vaaji, Sahana, Palle Lakka… Nayanthara danced for the number Palle Lakka…

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