Actress Sneha and Prasanna enter wedlock

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Actress Sneha and Prasanna enter wedlock

The wedding reception marking marriage between Sneha and Prasanna was held last evening with much pomp and vigor.   Actress Sneha and actor Prasanna romanced each other and are to enter wedlock with consent of their parents. 

This was formally conveyed to reporters and they were keenly into preparations for marriage. 

From day before yesterday, the marriage rituals commenced.  Sneha underwent the ‘Nalangu’ ritual. 


Following this, marriage betrothal between Sneha and Prasanna was held yesterday.  Sneha’s parents presented the attire for Prasanna.  Prasanna’s parents presented a gift to Sneha, who turns their daughter-in-law.  Then, both exchanged wedding rings. 

Following that, the wedding reception was held with all pomp and vigor in Srivaaru Venkateswara Palace, Vanagaram, Chennai.

Sneha in a palanquin…

Sneha was decorated like a queen, and was carried to the marriage hall in a palanquin decorated with flower garlands.  Prasanna was brought in a chariot.

Both exchanged garlands and stood in the stage.  Relatives, friends and celebrities conveyed their wishes to the couple. 

Both entered wedlock this morning at around 10.30.

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