Sona’s mentality against marriage undergoes transition

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Tuesday, Jul 24, 2012

Sona’s mentality against marriage undergoes transition

Glamour actress Sona is getting ready for marriage.  Before, she had announced that she would not marry.  Also, she said in a reprimanding comment that males are unreliable and she cannot share life with a man. 

Being such a person, Sona seems to have undergone a transition.  In her Twitter page, Sona has posted comment that she is willing to marry person who could take care of her.  Also, she has added that the person should be good-looking.

Sona did movies as ‘Ko’, ‘Guru En AaLu’, ‘Paththu Paththu’ and ‘Kuselan’.  Also, she produced movie ‘Kanimozhi’.  Recently Sona lodged police complaint against SPB Charan that he made inappropriate advances towards her in banquet.  Also, she filed case in the court.  Then, both sides arrived at reconciliation and the case was withdrawn.

Now Sona is into efforts to make a movie out of her life.  Also, she announced that she would bring to light the darker side of the cine field.  In the cinema, she would relate the bitter experiences and reveal identities of noted icons who misused her, Sona said.   Also, she added that there is vehement protest against taking up the venture. Further she seems to be receiving murder threats.

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