Sonia Agarwal never to reveal unread pages of her life

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Tuesday, Nov 29, 2011

Sonia Agarwal never to reveal unread pages of her life

Actress Sonia Agarwal said on an occasion ‘There are secrets in my life which cannot be uttered.  I would never tell those.’

There is a movie on the make about the instances in an actress’s life, and it is titled ‘Oru Nadigayin Vaakkumoolam’.  Sonia Agarwal is acting in this film.  Raj Krishna has directed the movie.  ‘Punnagaipoo’ Geetha has produced this film.

The audio release for this movie took place in the Prasad Lab studios last morning.  The Tamil Cinema producer’s association’s head S. A. Chandrasekaran took part and released the audio for the movie. He spoke a few words on the occasion.

‘Like in everybody’s life there are aspects as happiness, sorrow, pleasure, pain, and sadness in an actress’s life also.  Particularly in an actress’s life there will be secrets.  There will be unread pages.  Those pages have been thrown to light in this movie.’

‘In everybody, there will be a curiosity to know an actress’s life.  I too have the same amount of curiosity as anybody else.  This movie has created big expectation for me.’

Sonia Agarwal when speaking mentioned ‘I did not act for three years.  When I made a reentry I felt like a new face.  Only actors and director who were with me made me feel at ease.’

Then she gave an interview to the reporters.

Have you revealed secrets in your life through this movie?

‘In everybody’s life there will be secrets.  I too am no exception for that.  Even in my life, there are secrets which cannot be revealed.’

‘Due to the fact that I am an actress, many are showing attention in my regard. I do not desire to reveal the secrets in my life.  There is nothing common between the movie ‘Oru Nadigayin Vakkumoolam’ and my personal life.  I have not revealed a single per cent of my life in this movie’

A similar movie called ‘Dirty Picture’ is to be released in Hindi.  A movie starring Mathur Pandaarkar is to be started

She has also commented on movies being released based an actress’s life.

‘The story of the Hindi movie ‘Dirty Picture’ is totally different.  A lot of movies narrating the life of an actress have already been released.  It is just accidental that Mathur Pandaarkar’s ‘Heroine’, ‘Thiraikatha’ are such movies. Those people understand the curiosity of the fans to know an actress’s life.  The movie ‘Oru Nadigayin Vakkumoolam’ has a totally different aspect of the story form those films.’

Would you play character roles?

‘I am receiving lot of chances to be a heroine.  So I would not act in character roles.’ said Sonia Agarwal.

Cinema icons as Tamil Cinema Producer’s Association’s chairman P. L. Thenappan, financier S. Thanu,  film producer K. Rajan, cinematographer cum film producer Kesavan, and Raj Kapoor spoke on the occasion.

Film producer ‘Punnagaipoo’ Geetha too spoke on the occasion.  Director Raj Krishna forwarded his thanks on the occasion.

The programs were compeered by newsman Amalan.

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