Actress Shriya on ‘Rowthiram’

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Tuesday, Jul 19, 2011

Actress Shriya on ‘Rowthiram’

Shriya is all happy on the outcome of her upcoming film Rowthiram. She has just completed the film shoot at various locations in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry and in some parts of France.

“I was there in the down south for very long time shooting for Rowthiram. It was very hectic but I enjoyed every moment of my acting. Because of my continuous shooting I even fell sick but recovered soon with the help of my crew”, the slim actress smiles.

The actress stars with Jiiva in this action-thriller directed by debutant Gokul. “I have shown more glamour in the film and you can see my good acting talents too”, the pretty star says.

The actress takes some time to participate in award functions too. Recently, the sultry star captured the attention of the audience with her presence and performance in Filmfare awards and Vijay awards function.

Shriya has only one upcoming Tamil film – Rowthiram, and undergoing Malayalam (Casanova) and English (Winds of Change) projects.

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