Sruthi in small screen

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Monday, Nov 16, 2015

Sruthi in small screen

Perhaps for the first time in her career, actress Sruthi Haasan will be seen in a television channel where she will rewind her past.

She will be part of Khusboo's chat show 'Simply Khusboo' on Zee Tamil. In spite of being around for quite a while now, this is infact the first time ever the actress has agreed to one-on-one for a television channel.

The vivacious, pretty lass has candidly spoken about her journey in Bollywood and Tamil film  industry so far. Has revealed her choice of film industries within Indian cinema that is keen to  work in. Reasons for her doing more of Bollywood movies.

And, an unbelievable fact! She dint  get proposals at school times, no one has proposed to her till date except one guy...The show will be on air 21 November.

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