Stereotyped movies reveal dearth for stories

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Tuesday, Aug 28, 2012

Stereotyped movies reveal dearth for stories

The prevalent situation in Tamil cinemas is such that there is question as to whether there is dearth for stories as there is currently a dearth for titles.  ‘Naan’ and’18 vayadhu’, which have one week gap between dates of release, have same story.

Mother is a lusty person who goes for another male counterpart forsaking her husband.  Husband, upon knowledge of illicit relationship, commits suicide.  Son, who is affectionate towards father turns mentally ill and roams about as a psychotic.  Both movies carry the same story.  In movie ‘Naan’, Vijay Antony kills mother who turns paramour.

‘The same way, in movie ’18 Vayadhu’, John kills his mother and her illicit lover.  The method of killing alone varies.  Although heroes for both movies are mentally ill, both are basically good.  In spite of fact that Vijay Antony is a murderer, he accomplishes as he turns a doctor.  In movie ’18 Vayadhu’ John marries his lover.

Let us wait and see whether this dearth for stories will continue or it will wane off.

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