Studio Green to purchase movie ‘Kumki’, say reports

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Tuesday, Sep 11, 2012

Studio Green to purchase movie ‘Kumki’, say reports

Usually Kodambakkam is bound by companies run by one or two families.  In the previous regime, Sun Pictures and Kalaignar’s family dominated.  Now, the companies which dominate are Studio Green and UTV…

The company Studio Green does ‘Alex Pandian’, a direction by Suraj.  Also, it does Venkat Prabhu’s ‘Biriyani’.  In the midst, the company purchased ‘Attakkaththy’ and earned profit through advertisement which equals that of Sun Pictures.

Reports say that the company Studio Green is to purchase ‘Kumki’, production by Tirupathi Brothers.  This is to done by giving a lump sum.  As far as it goes with Tirupathi Brothers, there is no greed in them to produce and distribute those movies themselves.  If money more than what they invested is given, they are ready to sell a movie.

As one observes the current scenario, it seems Studio Green would purchase ‘Kumki’.

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