Sudha Chandran speaks to media as she is back to Tamil industry

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Thursday, Jul 05, 2012

Sudha Chandran speaks to media as she is back to Tamil industry

‘Mayoori’ Sudha Chandran, who made huge achievement in cinemas, is doing a villain role with much vigour.  In television serial ‘Kalasam’, she sent ripples through her character ‘Chandra’.  Sudha Chandran emerged a lawyer in ‘Arasi’, and emerged in villain character named Bhuvana in ‘ThenRal’.   She is now flying between Chennai and Mumbai.  She spoke about her long time media life.  Here are excerpts from what she said:

 ‘I am happy to do a Tamil movie after twelve year gap.  When I was doing ventures then, I did not get proper chances.  The movies did not turn out well.  I was disappointed at the failures.  Then, I received many chances in Hindi.  So, I moved to Mumbai and settled down.  I did TV serials there and also did Hindi movies.  Later, I turned busy as I took up ventures by Balaji Telefilms. 

‘Kutty Padmini, who watched me in serial by Balaji Telefilms, called me for role in ‘Kalasam’.  Also, Prabhu Nepal called me for his serial in Jaya TV.  Both were reason for my re-entering Tamil industry. It was negative role in both ‘Kalasam’ and ‘Arasi’.  I had to wear a lot of makeup for the movie.  It was good experience working with Radikaa.  I had long time desire to do Bharathi Raja movie.  I did not get chance then.  But I was satisfied doing ‘Dhaayam’ by his assistant.  I have received a good role in ‘ThenRal’.

‘Since I am back here after long time, I am not able to speak Tamil fluently.  Now, I am acquainted well with the language.  I am speaking Tamil fluently.  I have received good experience through doing Hindi serials.  I am now more confident.  Both there and here, directors provide good support.  Everybody turns out experienced directors.  Thus, I received lot of experience.  There is lot of difference between Mumbai and Tamil audience.’

 ‘There, one needs to wear heavy makeup. It is not like that in Malayalam and Tamil, and the stories are very much like real life instances happening in families.  All of those are very rational.  It is not that way in Hindi.  Only now, Hindi television is undergoing change.  They have started moving from metros to villages.  But in Hindi there is too much jewellery, extravagant saris and thus everything is in excess.  But it is not that way in Tamil.  One cannot deceive Tamil audience.’

​ ‘Among movies I did, the movie ‘Mayoori’ is indelible in my memory.  Nobody could have done such a movie. Even if one does such a movie, it is very difficult to do the story if it is about the very same person’s real life.  It won’t happen that way.  I am very lucky. I did my own life as movie.  I received national award for the effort in 1985.  There is no other credit which I could say about.’

‘Only recently I purchased residence in Chennai.  For shooting, I am here in Chennai for 15 to 20 days a month.  I have dance school in Mumbai.  If I am in dance school, I am very much relaxed.  It is progressing well.  Before, I was used to travelling from Mumbai to Chennai.  Now, I am residing in Chennai and travelling to Mumbai.  I do not have children.  It is just me and my husband Ravi.  He was doing direction in cinemas.  Then, he moved to Canada and was working there for few years.  Now, he is taking care of the dance school.  It is time for flight’ said Sudha Chandran and moved off.

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