Sunaina opines against night-partying

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Saturday, Oct 27, 2012

Sunaina opines against night-partying

It is usual for actors and actresses to participate in night parties.  Bollywood cine people stick to this trend.  Now the trend is percolating down to Tamil cine field. 

In such parties, violation of limits, clashes and drunken brawls are usual.  Sona filed complaint against co actor for misbehaving with her in one such night party. 

In one such party, there was a clash between Telugu actor Manoj Manchu and Magath, known for role in Mankataha.  Rumors were that some people harassed Trisha in one such party.  Sunaina says she hates such parties. 

‘I hate the culture of partying.  I do not participate in such parties.  Also, I do not throw parties’

‘Cine actresses should abstain from such parties.  They should be ready for consequences if they participate’ said Sunaina

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