All for a noble cause

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Sunday, Nov 06, 2011

All for a noble cause

Superstar Rajinikanth is acting in an advertisement taken by Central Government which talks about malnutrition of children. All over India, thousands of children are affected due to malnutrition. They are caught in the web of various other diseases too. Therefore, the welfare department of Central Government has decided to bring awareness among the masses regarding malnutrition.

For this reason, advertisements are going to be produced. The central government, considering that it would be apt for a leading actor to act in the film, approached Superstar Rajinikanth. Rajini nodded his head in approval as soon as he heard the story.

News have been released that Rajini has signed an agreement for this film.

Also Rajini has accepted to involve himself in an awareness campaign for this issue. In the following days, the advertisement banners bearing the posters of Rajini and Aamir Khan is to be  displayed.

It is being said on behalf of Central Government that Rajini and Aamir Khan are going to orate in the campaign regarding this issue.

Even if you give him crores of money Rajini does not act in advertisements. But considering the well-being of the society he had already acted in an awareness campaign advertisement. It is remarkable that the film gained great response from the masses.

It is said that, Rajini who had gained his health and had taken rebirth, will involve himself in a big way in social activities. Sources close to Rajini reveal that the superstar will act in this advertisement regarding child welfare and will also involve himself in a campaign.

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