Superstar Rajini's Robot rocks Japan

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Thursday, Jun 14, 2012

Superstar Rajini's Robot rocks Japan

We all heard a lot of stories about Japanese robots, their expertise in robotics and their love towards Robots. So it is no wonder that they like the 'Robot' movie of our superstar Rajini very well that the movie is running into packed houses.

When one Rajini is more than enough to make Japanese people go crazy, the top star plays a double role in Robot and one of them being a robot! Just imagine the enthusiasm.

Yes, Rajini took Japan by storm when his super-hit movie Enthiran - the robot was released in Japan last month as a Japanese dubbed version. 

According to a report, the movie, which was released four weeks ago, is still going strong and competing with mainstream Japanese and English films. It is reported that the movie was released in 1300 theaters across the country.

The movie, which initially had two hours edited version to suit the people in Japan, was later restored to the full three hour version due to its popularity and public's demand.

The song "Irumbile oru irudhayam" has become an anthem in Japan and the Japanese are humming to it despite the language divide.

The fact that how much the Japanese people love our own superstar, at times, gives amazement to everyone.

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