Surge in collection of other language movies in Tamil Nadu

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Saturday, Sep 22, 2012

Surge in collection of other language movies in Tamil Nadu

There is much welcome for other language movies in Tamil.  There is always welcome for other language movies in Kerala, Andhra, and Karnataka.  In Kerala, there is market for Tamil and Telugu actors which equals that of Malayalam actors.. Similarly, in Telugu there is welcome for lead heroes in Tami. 

But in Tamil Nadu, in Chennai alone there has been welcome for other language movies and actors.  In other cities, Hindi, Telugu and Malayalam movies are not screened that much.  Following Chennai, other language movies yielded average collection in cities as Coimbatore, Salem and Chengalput.  But now there is change in taste of fans.  Other language movies have started yielding huge collection in places as Tirunelveli, Madurai, Dindigul, Thiruvannamalai and Karaikudy. 

Ek Tha Tiger starring Salman Khan yielded one and a half crore as collection, Akshay Kumar’s Rowdy Rathore yielded 75 lakhs as collection, The Dirty Picture starring Vidya Balan yielded 80 lakhs as collection, Raaz 3D starred by Bipasha Basu yielded one crore, Barfi starring Ranbir Kapoor and Ileana yielded 50 lakhs. Same way, some Telugu movies have earned huge collection.  Distributors opine that such movies earn huge collection even without subtitle or dubbing.

But movie Heroine released recently did not earn huge collection.  Although movies giving priority to heroines as The Dirty Picture, and Kahaani fared well in Chennai, the movie Heroine did not turn out successful.  There are some such movies which do not perform as expected.

Until last year, only in Chennai, other language movies fared well.  Now, other cities too yield collection for other language movies.  A producer said that increase in number of Multiplex Theaters, students coming to Tamil Nadu for study, and those in Tamil Nadu for profession prove reason for success of such movies.  Also, it is reported that publicity gained out of Facebook and Twitter give popularity to other language movies.

‘Four Tamil movies are released in a week.  Although there is release of many Tamil movies, dearth for stories urge fans to go in search of other language movies.  Although movie Naan Ee is a dubbing movie, the movie earned 25 crores as collection within 50 days’ says proprietor of multiplex theater in Chennai.  So, Tamil movie producers, instead of purchasing dubbing rights for Telugu movies, prefer direct release here.  It is reported that distribution of other language movies is increasing.

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