Suriya praises Vijay and Ajith on the game show

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Friday, Mar 23, 2012

Suriya praises Vijay and Ajith on the game show

It is, by now, known to most of the Tamil speaking population that STAR Vijay or Vijay TV has been airing the popular game show Neengalum Vellalaam Oru Kodi, the Tamil version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, since 27 February 2012.

Though the questions asked in the game show have been dubbed as sub-standard ones, we are happy that ordinary people are winning a substantial amount in the event everyday.

But the most striking result of the game show is not the money involved but host Suriya's respect for his fellow actors like Ajith and Vijay.

Yes, Suriya praised two of the leading contemporary actors namely Vijay and Ajith in separate episodes on the game show.

In one episode, the participant was asked the question "what is the name of the first diwali celebrated by a newly-wed couple after their marriage?". Answer was "Thalai diwali". But the participant twisted the answer and said "Thala diwali", denoting Ajith's nick name.

The participant hesitated to talk about "Thala" by saying that "How could i talk about Thala (Ajith) in front of you?".

The question seemed to have sparked an interest in Suriya who replied with a smile "Thala is always Thala".

In another episode, a different participant was asked "What is the famous English sentence that comes often in the movie Nanban?".

The participant, embarrassed by the fact that Nanaban was a Vijay movie, asked host Suriya a counter-question "Is actor Vijay a good or bad man?".

Suriya's answer to that question was a lesson to everyone.

"Why should he be a bad man?" asked Suriya, who also said, "I have been following both his rise in the stardom and movies from my college days with a sense of astonishment and he was the one who readily accepted to act in the short film i shot for Agaram Foundation.".

"I like his confident and sense of humour", continued Suriya.

It seems like actors are praising and encouraging each other while their fans fight among themselves for silly reasons.

It would be better for all fans, irrespective of the factor that whom they idolize, to imbibe a lesson or two from actor Suriya.

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