Swathi death & on screen travails

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Friday, Jun 23, 2017

Swathi death & on screen travails

Techie Swathi was murdered on 24 July 2016 by her stalker Ramkumar.Tomorrow is the first anniversary of her death. On this eve of the day, let's recall the attempt made to make her life as movie and how it has landed filmmaker Ramesh selvan in trouble.Swathi's father, Santhana Gopalakrishnan, has lodged a complaint to the Tamilnadu DGP against the film.

He feels the film should not be released at any cost as it would bring mental agony to his family and his daughter’s name would be tarnished.Refuting his charges, Ramesh Selvan, said, 'Swathi Kolai Vazhaku has been shot in actual locations where the gruesome murder took place.

I have presented the story as it happened and as reported widely in the media and have not made any commercial compromises like songs or any kind of crass cinema titillation. The film has not portrayed Swathi in bad light.

Once the first copy of the film is ready I will screen it for Swathi and Ramkumar's parents and then only release it'.Ramesh also added that his intention is not to make money out of this film, but to ensure that such a crime doesn’t happen again.

If Swathi’s father stop the release of the film, the makers will have to change the title and release the film with a caption, stating it is a work of fiction.

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