T Rajendar’s interesting address in audio launch of movie

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Friday, Apr 19, 2013

T Rajendar’s interesting address in audio launch of movie

Popular actor T Rajendar is known for his humorous speech and for speaking out everything rationally and openheartedly. 

Mostly, T Rajendar does not participate in any film event. If instead he participates, he makes a coherent and mesmerizing address which remains indelible in everyone’s memory. 

The audio launch for movie ‘Ingu Kadhal Katrutharapadum’ starring debutant artistes was held in Chennai last evening.  T Rajendar participated as special guest for the event.  They postponed the event such that it was easy for him to participate.  Now, they have reaped the result. There was almost a stampede amidst media.  Through his address in a lighter vein, he bound everybody to their seats till the event was over. 

‘Media friends have assembled here waiting for me to speak.  I would not step down from the stage without giving you a feast.  Only if it moves, it is Sivam, else it is Savam.  There is Sivam in you. Man should do ‘Dhavam’ keeping in mind the Sivam. That is the ‘Magathuvam’ of life. ‘Thus, T Rajendar covered spirituality and then moved on to another topic which turned whiplash for cine people.

‘Now, people are taking movies with budget of thirty crores and sixty crores.  But, budget for my movie ‘Oru Thalai Raagam’ was just seven lakhs.  And what was the collection?  It was a crore... We took the movie ‘En Thangai Kalyani’ with a budget of just a lakh.  Collection... It was a crore.  We took the movie ‘Thangaikor Geetham’ with budget of lakhs.  And what was the collection...? It was again a crore.’

T Rajendar listed such movies and said: -

‘You take a cinema relying on the hero.  I took movie relying on story.  Is T Rajendar a handsome person? Why is a collection of crores pouring in? It is the story, and nothing but the movie’s story.  That is very important.’

‘My son Silambarasan is taking movie ‘Vaalu’.  I am taking movie ‘Oru Thalai Kaadhal’.  It is nothing but guts which made me do that.  There was review for movie ‘Veerachamy’ in a channel.  A potbellied person appeared and he resembled me in appearance and imitated me.  Then I decided... For four months I did not touch rice.  Now, I do not have a belly.’ 

‘Before I climbed the dais to make address, the compeer said to me ‘Tan Tanakkka..’ Whoever dies here, it is Tan Tanakkaa... Many have mocked me.  I should have fled the town if I worried about that.  I am not the one to relent’, said T Rajendar with bated breath.

‘The entire unit of ‘Kadhal Katrutharapadum’ has new faces.  I wish them all...’ said T Rajendar. As he climbed down the stage the audience surrounded him to receive autograph. 

The self-confidence in T Rajendar lit up the whole hall.

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