Tamannaah speaks at press meet in Chennai

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Monday, Apr 16, 2012

Tamannaah speaks at press meet in Chennai

Tamannaah was first Tamil cinema’s pet and then she switched to Telugu movies.  The title for her current movie is ‘AenenRaal Kaadhal Enbaen’.  Nikil Murugan arranged for a press meet for this movie taken both in Tamil and Telugu.

Tamannaah, who hadn’t visited Chennai for considerable period, suddenly turned up at Green Park hotel.  She looked pretty attractive during her appearance at the hotel.

Her speech proved more attractive… She spoke full and full in Tamil.  More than the photographers who were present the reporters were the ones gazing at her.

‘When I got down the flight at Meenambakkam airport, Chennai, a cool wind blew against me.   There was love pervading the air.  Many people from Tamil Nadu have love for me.  It was the love which invited me first.’

Tamannaah continued with her speech…

‘When I came for audio release of ‘Paiyyaa’, it was the love which embraced me… It is the same love which now embraces me… I attribute directors Lingusamy, Balaji Sakthivel and Karunakaran as reason for my good communication in Tamil.’

‘Karunakaran calls me ‘Chellam’.  There is that much of love conveyed when he addresses me.’ 

‘There is much to learn from hero of the movie Ram.  I learnt.’

The movie’s hero Ram, directors Lingusamy, AR Murugadoss, Balaji Sakthivel, Sasi, Saravanan, SS Stanley, Karunakaran, cine producers Ravi Kishore, Dhananjeyan, music composer GV Prakash, lyricist Madhan Karki and cinematographer Andro took their turns to speak.

Nikil Murugan was compeer for the event.

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