Movie by Ezham Tamils in Australia

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Friday, Mar 30, 2012

Movie by Ezham Tamils in Australia

Australian Tamils have for the first time produced, directed and acted in Tamil movie ‘IniyavaLae Kaaththiruppaen’. The movie which is a full length one, and runs for 1 hour and 15 minutes is directed by Ezham Tamil Ilango.  Ilango completed his graduation in multimedia in Auckland University in New Zealand.  

Story, screenplay and dialogue for the movie and editing, camera and other schedules for the movie have been done by Ilango.  Also, he has plays important character in the movie.

Music for the movie is by Udhayan.  There are two songs in the movie.  For these numbers alone, music composer Kavi hailing from Chennai has composed music.

Dinesh is the hero for the movie, and Nilosha has paired up with him and Dhaya has done comedy track for the movie. Foreign movies mostly depict violence as dagger, gun and blood.  But for the first time, with no violence a beautiful family movie has been taken by Ezham Tamil Ilango.

Veteran Sinhalese Tamil actor Raghunathan has played grandpa character.  He is the first Tamil actor from Ceylon of those days.

He has been acting for more than 50 years.  Currently he is in France.  The movie is produced by ‘Amma Creations’, an Australian company.

The movie ‘IniyavaLae Kaaththiruppaen’ is to be released either on May or June all over the world.

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