The real life Slumdog Millionaire

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Friday, Oct 28, 2011

The real life Slumdog Millionaire

It is usual for ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?” to be conducted in India  in a similar fashion as in Britannia. On this event a person eking out a living in a slum manages to cash in 1 million dollar.  Such an imagination has been taken as a movie by name ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and it has won 6 Oscars. A R. Rehman has won an Oscar for music composition in the movie.  Recently, there has been a happening which has made the imagination come true. A poor  man from Bihar by name Sushil Kumar, who is a government employee  has participated and earned the highest amount.

Sushil Kumar who is a slum-dweller, is so poor that he doesn’t have even a television at his home.  Since Sushil Kumar answered all the questions correctly during the event, the telecaster Amitabh Bachchan called both the man and his wife and thrilled them by awarding the prize amount of Rs. 50 million, equivalent to 1 million American dollar. Also, Amitabh commented that they have made history, and that it is their dedication and interest which had taken them that far to the event.

Before participation in the event, Kumar’s monthly salary was equivalent to just 120 American dollars.  Since he took classes in a town in Bihar, he earned a bit more.  Otherwise it is just the government job he has which helps him eke out a living. His family members had watched his participation in the event only in the neighbor’s television. When in the beginning he chose correctly and progressed he was pressurized by kith and kin to drop out.

When the reporters asked him what he is planning to do with the money, he told that he would write the Civil Service examination, and that he would spend money for the course training. Once things are done, he told he has an opportunity of getting a permanent job. I will get a new residence for my wife, and will grant money to my parents. He also continued that he will grant a small amount to his brother who his planning to begin a small commercial venture. ‘Not alone that… I will start a library in my town so that young children can sharpen their wits by reading books.’ When we note all these we feel like the money has gone to the right man.

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