The trace of worry in Sonia Agarwal

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The trace of worry in Sonia Agarwal

Actress Sonia Agarwal is now like a kite without string. 

As Sonia Agarwal accepted movie chances, she never thought of exploiting anybody.  After severing of ties with Selvaraghavan, what has she been doing?

Maybe, fans have not had the thought.  But, many directors were eager to know what she was doing.  Many people, who enquired about her, approached her for characters without any spice in it.  Sonia Agarwal had been turning down those chances.  What was she doing to manage expenses?

Selvaraghavan promised her financial aid for some time.  Not alone that, Sonia Agarwal is monitoring beautician training and many self-employment centres. 

In a development, Sonia Agarwal received chance to do movie ‘Palakkattu Madhavan’.  The interesting report is that it is not a director or producer who called her for the movie.  Vivek, who does important role in the movie, called Sonia.  Vivek stressed that she should do the movie. Vivek’s invitation impressed Sonia and conceded doing the movie. 

The movie crew say that Sonia would once again turn busy after the movie is released.  But still, there is the trace of worry in Sonia Agarwal’s face.

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