Theatre owners refuse to screen ‘Madras Café’

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Thursday, Aug 22, 2013

Theatre owners refuse to screen ‘Madras Café’

Theatre owners have refused to screen movie ‘Madras Café’ which shows LTTE and Eelam people in bad light. 

Hindi movie ‘Madras Café’ has been dubbed in Tamil also. So far, Censor Board has not given certification to Tamil version of the movie. 

Tamil outfits protest saying that Madras Café depicts LTTE as terrorists.  Following accusations, special preview of the movie was screened to members of Tamil outfits.  Seeman and RK Selvamani, on watching the movie, were infuriated and said that the movie is against Tamils. 

Also, they added, that the movie degrades LTTE and Eelam Tamils. But, there is no scene in the movie about Singhalese and genocide of Tamils by Sri Lankan army, they accused.  Vaiko stressed that the movie should be banned from release in India.  Also, he warned that agitation would be staged in front of theatres which screen the movie. 

Lawyer Stalin filed a case in Madurai High Court demanding ban on release of movie ‘Madras Café.  Magistrates Rajeswaran and Madhivanan heard the case. 

Lawyer TR Rajagopal, who appeared on behalf of the movie producer, said that there is no link between the real instance in Sri Lanka and the movie’s story.  Magistrates did not stay the movie release.  Instead, the court issued order for reply petition to be filed by Tamil Nadu police and Central Censor Board. 

The hearing into the case has been adjourned to next month on 3rd.  In a development, last evening, the Tamil Nadu theatre owners association gathered an urgent meeting.  Pannerselvam, General Secretary of the association headed the meeting. 

A lengthy discussion was held about whether the movie Madras Café should be screened or not.  Also, they said that theatre owners could independently decide regarding screening of the movie. 

A theatre owner spoke ‘Tamil outfits are protesting against release of the movie ‘Madras Café’.  Also, they have said that they would agitate against the movie release.  Since theatres face security threats, we would not screen the movie.’

Also, ‘Madras Café’ banners placed in front of theatres are being removed.

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