Theatre proprietors decision gets ‘Viswaroopam’ into trouble

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Wednesday, Dec 19, 2012

Theatre proprietors decision gets ‘Viswaroopam’ into trouble

Theatre proprietors have announced that they would not screen any movie relayed through DTH.  Resultantly, there is hassle to release of Kamal Haasan’s ‘Viswaroopam’ in theatres.  ‘Viswaroopam’ is magnum opus movie directed by Kamal Haasan, and made in Hollywood style

In a development, Kamal Haasan decided releasing the movie through DTH before release in theatres.  Although the Producer Council supported Kamal Haasan’s decision, theatre proprietors are protesting against release of the movie through DTH.  Discussions were held between the theatre proprietors and Kamal Haasan.  But Kamal Haasan did not withdraw from his decision.  Also, theatre proprietors stuck to their decision.  Service Providers as Airtel and Videocon have volunteered to release the movie through DTH. 

An urgent meeting by theatre proprietor association was held in Madurai. Theatre proprietor association head Annamalai, General Secretary Pannerselvam, Assistant Secretary Sridhar and 80 other theatre proprietors participated in the meeting.  At the end of meeting, decision was arrived at that no movie relayed through DTH would be released in theatres.  The theatre proprietors decided not to release movie ‘Viswaroopam’ in theatres if it is relayed through DTH.  Also, decision was arrived at that other movies are no exception to this. 

Now, there is question was to whether movie ‘Viswaroopam’ would be released in theatres.

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