Theatres start making ticket refunds as ‘Thalaivaa’ release is postponed

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Friday, Aug 09, 2013

Theatres start making ticket refunds as ‘Thalaivaa’ release is postponed

Of late, reports about Vijay starrer ‘Thalaivaa’ have been causing a tumult amidst fans. 

As advance booking in theatres were blocked, fans were anxious to know what was happening, and were anxiously waiting to know whether Vijay would come out of the problem. 

After announcement that ‘Thalaivaa’ would hit screens today, on August 9th, and after the theatre list was released, sudden hassles arose with regard to the movie’s release. 

Problems arose with regard to tax exemption for the movie. Following that, as bomb threats were forwarded to theatres which are to screen ‘Thalaivaa’, police said that they cannot provide security for theatres. 

Following the negative development, theatres in Tamil Nadu refused to screen the movie.  Theatre owners said that release of the movie could be reviewed only after Tamil Nadu Government promises cooperation and security for theatres.

Vijay, the movie’s hero, director Vijay, and producer Chandraprakash Jain went to Koda Nadu, where the Chief Minister is camping.  They sought permission to meet Chief Minister so as to explain the situation. But, they were stopped by security officials, who sent them back saying that they cannot be allowed to meet Chief Minister without prior permission. 

In a development, committee for tax exemption and government officials viewed the movie in Four Frames Theatre.  After viewing the movie, several levels of discussion was held.  Then, reportedly, the higher-ups permitted release of movie ‘Thalaivaa’, but with few conditions.  Also, reports said that the duration of the movie has been reduced to 2 hrs and 40 minutes.

In a development, theatre owners have announced that the movie cannot be released today, and that release has been indefinitely postponed.  Banners and cutouts raised in front of theatres are being removed. 

Advance booking for the movie was opened few days back.  Only yesterday the booking was blocked.  Theatres have started refunding money for those who bought the tickets online and in person. 

For those who have booked the tickets online, refund would be made after one week, said theatres. 

When enquired with Kamala Cinemas, they said that the movie would not release today, and that anything could be said only in the morning.  Also, they added that they have started making refunds.  Management officials of multiplex theatres as Mayajaal are also giving the same reply.

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