Things come to light as police probe Manoj – Magath clash

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Thursday, Jul 19, 2012

Things come to light as police probe Manoj – Magath clash

Magath, who did Mankatha’ and Telugu actor Manoj Manchu clashed with each other in booze party held in Chennai few days back.

Manoj and his friends bashed up Magath during the clash.  They dealt blows on Magath’s stomach and throat.  Following that, Magath was admitted to a hospital.  Also, intensive treatment was given to Magath.  Doctors conveyed that it is surprising that Magath survived the blows.

After police went into questioning, it came to light that the issue was out of both of their relationship with Tapsee. 

Manoj Manchu is Telugu actor Mohan Babu’s son.  Since Magath lodged a complaint, police filed a case.  Police prepared themselves to question Manoj.  But Manoj fled to Malaysia.

Also, police started receiving pressure from noted people not to continue the questioning. Both sides got into efforts to settle the issue.  As Manoj felt like arrest is imminent, he filed petition for anticipatory bail in Chennai High Court. 

So there was compulsion for police to go through the case.  Police secretively investigated the case.

Police identified those who were witness to the incident and questioned them.  Also, police questioned friends of both Manoj and Magath.  Reports were that Magath intimidated Tapsee and thus the clash between Manoj and Magath. 

When Tapsee debuted into Tamil cinema, Magath developed intimacy with her.  As Tapsee lands in Chennai, Magath is used to escorting her from airport.  Also, reportedly, Manoj’s friends conveyed to police that Magath secretively captured both himself and Tapsee in compromising position.  But since Tapsee became close with Manoj, Magath was infuriated and he blackmailed her by showing those videos. 

As Manoj questioned Magath regarding this, it resulted in hot exchange of words between the two.  The scene turned ugly as both exchanged blows, say reports.

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