Thulasi takes an oath for movie ‘Yaan’

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Tuesday, Feb 12, 2013

Thulasi takes an oath for movie ‘Yaan’

Thulasi, daughter of former Tamil heroine Radha, and one who is heroine for movie ‘Kadal’, has received tremendous welcome amidst fans.  Both Gautham and Thulasi competed with each other and excelled in their roles in movie ‘Kadal’.

Reports said that Thulasi appears plump in movie ‘Kadal’.  Fans also are of the same opinion. 

When asked with Thulasi regarding this, she said:-

‘For movie, ‘Kadal’, it required me to me plump.  As director told that I need not reduce weight and I need to be fat for the character, I did not even think of reducing weight.’

‘Next, I am doing movie ‘Yaan’ with Jiiva.  Also, I have taken oath that I would reduce weight for the movie.  Although I need to mind studies, I would not let go acting in movies’ said Thulasi.

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