Vijay’s ‘Thuppaakki’ lands in trouble with regard to title

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Monday, May 07, 2012

Vijay’s ‘Thuppaakki’ lands in trouble with regard to title

Vijay’s ‘Thuppaakki’ is now entangled in a major controversy.  The controversy is regarding the title of the movie. Several months back, C Ravidevan and Murugesan registered the name ‘KaLLathuppaaki’.  The movie is directed by Logiyaas.

Producer Ravidevan was an assistant to actor Kamal Haasan. 

The movie was started with mention that it is with blessings of Padmasree Kamal Haasan.  Sticking to Kamal’s advice the movie was begun with rehearsals. 

The advertisements and reports about the movie are abuzz.  It is to be noted that the title was registered in 2009.  Continuously, they have been modifying it. 

Following ‘NaNban’, AR Murugadoss’s movie is titled ‘Thuppaakki’.  This title has been arrived at only this year, both by Vijay and Murugadoss. 

The design of the title ‘Thuppaaki’ closely resembles ‘KaLLathuppaaki’.   The first day of May, posters for both ‘Thuppaakki’ and ‘KaLLathuppaakki’ were pasted in Kodambakkam.  Also, as both were stuck side by side, it created flutter.

Also, ‘KaLLathuppaakki’ crew accused that the posters for Vijay Starrer where stuck over their posters.

The moment the movie starring Vijay was titled ‘Thuppaakki’, Ravidevan and crew lodged complaint with producer council.  But then those who held responsibility in producer council were SA Chandrasekaran and producer Dhanu.  But it seems they did not mind the complaint.

But since the producer council is split, they have approached Ibrahim Ravuttar and demanded justice. 

Regarding this, producer of ‘KaLLathuppaaki’, Ravidevan said ‘Very since announcement of ‘Thuppaakki’ trouble started for us.’

‘We planned to stick posters on May 1st.  But there was plot to hinder the work.  They have stuck posters of ‘Thuppaakki’ in the place where we planned to stick posters for our movie.’

‘So, the next day we stuck posters.  Immediately, the same night, they stuck posters above the posters we had stuck.’

‘Initially we did not consider Vijay’s movie as our rival.  But now we see the movie as a great threat.’

 ‘We fear that they would go to any extent to make use of title ‘Thuppaakki’.  So, the Vijay Starrer should not be titled ‘Thuppaakki’.’

This issue has now been taken to producer council.


Here is one more allegation on Vijay's Thuppakki. C Ravi Devan of Kalla Thuppakki has alleged that Kalaipuli Thaanu, the producer of Thuppakki is trying to hide the posters of Kalla Thuppakki.

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