Trailer release for ‘Sivaji 3D’ conducted in Chennai

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Tuesday, Aug 14, 2012

Trailer release for ‘Sivaji 3D’ conducted in Chennai

Shankar directed the movie ‘Sivaji’ pairing up Rajini and Shreya.  The movie was released in 2007.  The movie was produced by AVM Company.  It was reported that the movie taken at cost of Rs. 60 crore yielded collection of Rs. 128 crore. 

Now, movie ‘Sivaji’ is to be released afresh in 3D.  The schedules for changing the movie Sivaji to 3D were carried out in rapid pace.  In a development, the trailer release for the movie in 3D was conducted in Prasad Lab Theater, Chennai last evening at 6 pm.  In the event, celebrities as actor Rajini, director SP Muthuraman, and AVM Saravanan participated.

In the event, trailer for the movie and video explaining how the movie was converted to 3D were screened.  The movie which has been made in 3D seems to have surpassed Hollywood.  There is no doubt that the movie done in 3D and Rajini’s style in the movie would give new experience to fans.

Rajini, who watched the trailer with much interest said that he is amazed at the 3D movie.  Through participation in trailer release, Rajini has put full-stop to rumors that he is ill for past few days.

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