Trisha’s father Krishnan passes away

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Friday, Oct 19, 2012

Trisha’s father Krishnan passes away

Actress Trisha’s father Krishnan passed away yesterday.  He was aged 66.  He served as manager in hotel at Hyderabad.  Yesterday, Krishnan suffered sudden cardiac arrest. 

Krishnan was rushed to hospital.  There, Krishnan passed away not responding to treatment.  Information was conveyed to Trisha and her mother Uma who were in Chennai.  Both took a flight to Hyderabad. 

Trisha’s mother was conducting a beauty parlor in a hotel.  There, she romanced hotel manager Krishnan and married him.  Within few years of giving birth to Trisha, both husband and wife separated.  Trisha did a rich girl in cinemas, and won Miss Chennai title, and turned a popular icon.  Krishnan worked in Chennai hotels and resided in Chennai.

Only few years back, Krishnan went to Hyderabad.  Relationship between father and daughter was to the extent that Trisha received blessings from him for birthday. Also, she used to meet him once in a while.  As Trisha turned a millionaire, Krishnan eked out a living out of his own salary.

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