Udhayanidhi purchases remake rights of 1985 hit ‘Aan Paavam’

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Monday, Aug 06, 2012

Udhayanidhi purchases remake rights of 1985 hit ‘Aan Paavam’

Udhayanidhi Stalin has purchased for a huge amount the remake rights for movie ‘AaN paavam’ directed and starred by Pandiarajan and for which Ilayaraja was music composer.

Udhayanidhi has planned to remake the movie in which Santhanam and himself are to join hands.

The movie ‘AaN Paavam’ was released in 1985.  The movie starred late actor Pandian.  Pandiarajan did another hero, and the movie has other stars as Sita, Revathi, VK Ramaswamy and Janakaraj.

The movie ‘AaN Paavam’ is such that every scene makes audience shake with laughter.  The movie turned out a trendsetter among Tamil cinemas.

The main hero for the movie is Music Maestro Ilayaraja… the songs are evergreen and turned megahits then. 

Both VK Ramaswamy and Kollangudi Karuppaayi, who did his mother in the movie performed their roles wonderfully such that they occupy indelible place in hearts of audience till date.  Udhayanidhi contemplates remaking the movie.  There is compulsion for Udhayanidhi to give a hit movie following success of ‘OK OK’.  He seems to have been suggested to take up the remake.  After seeing the movie, Udhayanidhi seems to have come up with idea of taking up Pandiarajan’s role, and he has decided to put Santhanam in role played by Pandian. 

Udhayanidhi seems to have requested Rajesh to direct this movie also.

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