Vadivelu envious of comedy in present movies

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Tuesday, Oct 01, 2013

Vadivelu envious of comedy in present movies

Vadivelu contemplated settling scores with Vijaykanth during the 2011 elections.  So, he joined hands with DMK and campaigned against ADMK –Vikaykanth coalition.  Also, Vadivelu criticized Vijaykanth very strongly during the election campaign.  

DMK lost the elections, and trouble began for Vadivelu.  During two years of Vadivelu’s confinement within four walls, comedy actors as Santhanam and Parotta Suri are impressing through comedy role in movies.  Actor Santhanam earns about Rs 10 lakhs per day, and Parotta Suri earns about Rs 3 lakhs per day.  

Even Karunanidhi’s grandsons did not give movie chance to Vadivelu.  After a gap of two years, Vadivelu is into movie ‘Jagajala Bujabala Tenaliraman’.  In the movie, Vadivelu does double role as Tenaliraman and Krishnadevarayar.  

Vadivelu has placed much faith on the movie.  In a development, Vadivelu spoke to reporters in Nagapattinam.  

 ‘Currently, I am into movie ‘Jagajala Bujabala Tenaliraman’.  About 65 percent of the movie shooting is over.’

 ‘We have planned releasing the movie on Pongal.  Wherever I go, they say that they miss me.  Many people have said that sugar problem and blood pressure diminish after watching my comedy in movies.’ 

 ‘But, when we see comedy in current movies, sugar problem and blood pressure shoot up.’Maybe, Vadivelu does not realize that movie chances are dwindling due to such criticisms.  

 ‘Further, I spent time with my family during these two years.  The happiness that I derived out of spending time with family is infinite.’

 ‘After release of movie Tenaliraman, I would decide regarding upcoming flick. Henceforth, I would do many movies.  

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