Vairamuthu at Audio Release of Urumi

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Wednesday, Nov 16, 2011

Vairamuthu at Audio Release of Urumi

‘Kamal Haasan had once regretted that there has been so far no place for development of the Tamil language in the cinema. There is truth in what he has said.  But if given chance the development can happen.’ commented lyricist Vairamuthu.

‘Urumi’, the film in which Prabhu Deva, Prithviraj, Arya and Genelia have cast, has been directed by the popular cinematographer Santhosh Sivan.  The audio release of the movie took place last morning in Satyam theatre.

The audio release was made by actor Vijay, and the lyricist Vairamuthu accepted those. Speaking on the occasion Vairamuthu said, ‘Santhoh Sivan’s camera eyes are deep. He views the world with the eyes of an artiste.’

The beauty of the world Laila was not that much beautiful. She had a medium complexion. She had a flat nose.  ‘How come you are madly behind her?’, asked Majnu’s friends. As reply Majnu told, ‘You have to view her with the eyes of Majnu.’

‘In the same fashion we have to few this world with the eyes of Santhosh Sivan. ‘Urumi’ is a historic film. Vascodagama enslaved India for pepper. Around this revolves the story. I have written the lyrics for this movie in literary  Tamil.

We can develop Tamil in cinema also
‘Kamal Haasan has said that it is difficult to develop Tamil in Cinema. There is truth in that. In the same wavelength of the pain my heart too is throbbing.  But the chance of developing Tamil in cinema is not far remote.  Example for that are the lyrics in ‘Urumi’.’

For some songs in the movie I have used Tamil of ‘Sanga Ilakkiyam’. A princess fallen in love sings, ‘A knight who overpowered an elephant with his two hands has come to my hut to enslave two of my elephants.’ Such being the meaning I have written the lyrics in ‘Sanga Illakiyam’ Tamil. People who know the language can understand the meaning.

Language Tamil which is beyond time

‘For the story of 15th century, if one is able to take the 2nd century Tamil, and write it in 21st century, is it not that Tamil is beyond time?’

‘I forward my thanks to Santhosh Sivan who has accepted Sanga Ilakkiya  Tamil.’

History is now a dry fish. Even that has once been a live fish. This film is not alone history. It is a lesson for the present times.

Allow corporate robbery?

‘Why should India which has fought against foreign aggression, allow foreign investments in India beyond permissible limit.  Why is it that corporate companies are confiscating lands in developing countries? The film throws this question on parliament and United Nations assembly.’

The first success of this movie would be to understand this movie.

Many cine icons as actor Vijay, Arvind Swamy, Bharath, directors Manirathnam, S. J. Surya, A. R. Murugadoss, music composer Deepak Dev, script writer Sasi Kumaran, actor Prithviraj’s mother and actress ‘Mallika Sukumaran, Saaji Natesan, cinematographer cum director Santhosh Sivan took part in the occasion.

The producer of this movie is Prithviraj’s mother Mallika Sukumaran.  Even though the mother tongue is Malayalam, her spontaneous, pure Tamil communication attracted everybody. There were thunderous applauses for her speech.

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