Vairamuthu speaks during audio launch for ‘NeerParavai’

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Friday, Oct 12, 2012

Vairamuthu speaks during audio launch for ‘NeerParavai’

NeerParavai is movie directed by Seenu Ramasamy, produced by Udhayanidhi Stalin on behalf of Red Giant Movies.  Lyrics are by Vairamuthu.  The audio launch for the movie was held in Satyam Theater, Chennai. 

Lyricist Vairamuthu participated in the audio launch and spoke:-

‘The movie NeerParavai is about Christian society residing in coastal village.  As Seenu Ramaswamy related the story, I desired writing lyrics such that it reflects the story.’

‘I read the Bible again.  There is a small line of demarcation between God and romance.  The line ‘Satthiyamum Jeevnumaai Naan IrukkiRaen’ suits not alone the Christ but also romance.  Keeping that in mind I wrote the lyrics’

‘Director Seenu Ramasamy who spoke before me has given me a test.  My lines describe kisses of different colors.  He raised question as to whether kisses would have colors.’

‘It is my duty to explain that.  The usage of world ‘Pacchai’ in the lyrics does not mean it is a color.  We remark at Kamaraj as ‘Pachai Thamizhar’.  It means that it is the original.  That proves the reason for using word ‘Pachai Muttham’.

‘A newborn child is called a Pachai Kuzhanthai.  There it means new.  So far I have not had experience with kiss.  This is the first.  That means ‘pachai muttham’ is a ‘new kiss’.

‘There is a third meaning to it.  It is the important one.  Do not give an incomplete kiss. It would perish.  Give it like placing a tattoo.  Only if these many meanings unfold, kiss could be relished.’

‘The movie’s story is about a boy rescued from  boat upon which Sri Lankan navy fired.’

‘I have written lyrics such that nobody from Sri Lanka is treated a refugee.  Consider them Adithi.  It means a guest.  Treat them as brothers who have equal rights.  That pain is registered in the movie.  The success of NeerParavai would be known as success of Tamils across the world’ said Vairamuthu. 

Celebrities as Vishnu, hero for the movie, Sunaina, heroine for the movie, music composer Raghu Nandan, cinematographer Balasubramaniam and other celebrities participated.  Producer Udhayanidhi Stalin made the welcome address. Director Seenu Ramaswamy gave the note of thanks.

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