Vairamuthu speaks for Vadivelu

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Sunday, Feb 26, 2012

Vairamuthu speaks for Vadivelu

We all know how actor cum comedian Vadivelu campaigned in the 2011 elections in Tamilnadu and how badly its repercussions affected his film career.

As of late none of us have heard much about the whereabouts of the comedian and neither a single person in the tamil film fraternity opened thier mouth nor they gave a second life to the comedian.

But lyricist Vairamuthu has proved that he is different from everyone and raised his support in favour of Vadivelu. The Vadugapatti hero had been watching the situation for a long and came to know that Vadivelu was in a pitiable predicament and had lost out many films due to his election misdemeanor. It is then he decided to raise his voice.

He,in a recent statement, has urged tamil film industry to make use of the comedian and insisted that such an act will be beneficial to many including the comedian and the audiences.

"Vadivelu's body language while delivering the comedy dialogues is on par with any world actor and his talents must not be wasted."

"I hope neither the chief minister of tamilnadu nor my friend and politico-actor Vijayakanth would have put an embargo to his acting and career. If that is the case both the producers and Vadivelu must co-operate with each other to benifit all." insisted the six times national award winning Best Lyricist.

Upon hearing about the bold and goodwill gesture of the lyricist, the comedian seem to have phoned and whole heartedly thanked him.

In a latest development, the Sources say that, comedian's mother is very ill at his hometown near Madurai and Vadivelu is by her side taking care of her.

Let us hope and pray that all is well with Vadivelu as far as both his career and mother are concerned in the coming days.

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