Vairamuthu’s request as he releases music album by young artiste

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Monday, Dec 17, 2012

Vairamuthu’s request as he releases music album by young artiste

Lyricist Vairamuthu spoke during event for release of music album.  He has said that those speaking other languages should learn Tamil before taking up Tamil songs. 

Mahakavi Bharathi’s ‘Vande Mataram’ has been done as music album by Carnatic Singer SJ Janani.  The release event was held in Chennai. 

Vairamuthu released the album and producer Kalaipuli S Thanu received the music album.  Vairamuthu spoke on the event. 

‘The fire in Bharathi’s songs remains unabated even after these much years and generations.  The need has not vanished.  Many have composed music for Bharathi’s songs.  Many icons as G Ramanathan, GS Jayaraman, MS Viswanathan, Ilayaraja, Shankar Ganesh, L Vaidyanathan, have contributed.  Those who sing songs in Tamil have sung Bharathi’s songs.’

‘The lyrics by Bharathi stand beyond all these people.  A young artiste Janani has modernized the lines by Bharathi through her talent and dedication.  There is no exaggeration as I say this.’

‘Janani has taken up the composition such that it reaches the youth.  Janani is indebted to Bharathi and Bharathi is indebted to Janani.’

‘Janani is not just a small girl. As Bharathi sung, she is an ‘Aggini Kunju’.  There is no big or small to Fire.  If it is fire, it singes.  If gold is separated, it remains the original gold.  The source to fire is fire.  Although Janani is a small girl, she is an ‘Aggini Kunju’.

‘In the music album, there is influence of western music.  It is like how Dosa turned Pizza.  Both Dosa and Pizza are round.  Sticking to times, Janani has prepared Pizza as there is no other alternative.  SPB, who sung the lines, asked me meaning for lines that he did not understand.  Although his mother tongue is Telugu, he does not sing without understanding lines in Tamil.’

‘People speaking other languages come here to sing in Tamil.  Let them learn Tamil and sing.  Tamils will accept.  S Janaki’s mother tongue is Telugu.  P Suseela’s mother tongue is Telugu.  Yesudoss’s mother tongue is Malayalam.  PB Srinivas’s mother tongue is Kannada.  All of those learnt Tamil and sang.  Whoever it be let them learn Tamil and then sing.  So far as the language is not distorted, everything is welcome.  Otherwise, Tamils would not forgive.’

‘It is not a sin for Carnatic singers to sing for movies.  MS Subbulakshmi has sung ‘Kaatrinilae Varum Geetham’.  MS Vasanthakumari has done numbers in movies.  I am to make Janani sing for movies in January 2013.  She would get a number such that it does not destroy her aim and honour.  Producer Thanu could give her a chance and assist her.  Also, he could refer her to friends.’

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