‘Vazhakku En 18/9’ earns applause for director Balaji Sakthivel

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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

‘Vazhakku En 18/9’ earns applause for director Balaji Sakthivel

Now it is not the old trend when directors were taking movies to just maintain a higher count.  Directors aim at good quality and success.  Keeping that in mind they take movies.  Whether or not it turns a success is another issue.

Among the directors who take their time till the theme turns out into a good story, director Balaji Sakthivel has his own place.   Although his movie ‘Samurai’ did not turn out well, ‘Kaadhal’ shook the audience.  The movie ‘Kalloori’ proved heart-rending. 

Balaji Sakthivel, who remained silent after that, has now come up with ‘Vazhakku EN 18/9’.

Although this movie is to be released only the coming Friday, Balaji Sakthivel and producer Lingusamy screened a special show for noted icons.

Directors who viewed the special show came out with tears welling up in their eyes and hugged Balaji tightly. 

Director R Parthiban, one among directors who viewed the movie commented ‘Balaji has influenced me to a great extent and also has proved that through cinema one could touch one’s heart.  Please view the movie the first day and be the first person… Although it was not registered in Richter there was a tremor in my heart as I viewed the movie.’

The producer for the movie, Lingusamy commented ‘So far the movies I took are not really movies.  The movie ‘Vazhakku EN 18/9’ is the movie which needs applause.  I am content about being the producer for the movie.  Many reporters, who viewed the movie, could not control tears.  What other credit does the movie need?’

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