Venezuelan Beauty crowned 61st Miss World

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Monday, Nov 07, 2011

Venezuelan Beauty crowned 61st Miss World

The 61st Miss World competition took place in London. Beauties of 113 countries participated in the competition. There were various rounds of competitions. Beauties of 15 countries including Indonesia, Korea, Italy, Sweden, Zimbabwe, England, Kazakasthan, Ukraine, Venezuela, Phillipines, America, Spain, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Scotland were qualified in the semi-final.

Following this, the selection for the final round was held wherein the beauties of countries including Korea, Venezuela, England, Phillipines, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Scotland were selected.

Thereafter, the final round was held; the judges posed questions to the beauties.Venezuelan beauty Ivian Sarcos replied in a wonderful manner and was crowned Miss World 2011.

When this news was announced in the dias, Sarcose shed tears of joy covering her face with her arms. Last year’s Miss World Alexandria Mills of America crowned Sarcose.

The second place was crowned to Philippine beauty Gwendoline Ruaiz and the 3rd place was crowned to Amanda Perez of Puerto Rico.
Miss World Ivian Sarcose is working in a T.V. channel. She has graduated in Human Resources Development. Kanishta Dhankar participated in the world beauty pageant on behalf of India. She was not selected even as one in the semi-finals.
Preceding the beauty pageant, dance was performed by 113 beauties of Albania. This program attracted the audience very much. The beauty pageant was shown live on TV. 100 crore people of 150 countries enjoyed the pageant. The beauty pageant of next year is to be conducted in Ordos of Mangolia in China.

The flag of Miss World competition was given to the representative of China.

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