Shooting in Kashmir location for movie ‘Vetrichelvan’ hindered

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Thursday, Apr 19, 2012

Shooting in Kashmir location for movie ‘Vetrichelvan’ hindered

The movie ‘Vetrichelvan’ pairs up Ajmal and Radhika Aapte.  The shooting for the movie is held in several places in Kashmir.  Several fans gathered at a shooting location.  Then, Radhika Aapte was in glamorous attire.

On seeing her fans were enthused.  Both in cell phone and camera they captured her glamorous pose.  Their activities hindered the shooting.  The fans were prevented from taking photographs.

Due to this the mob turned furious.  They pounced upon the crew.  Also, they made an intimidating advance towards the crew.  The crew was taken aback at this.  To prevent any untoward happening, Radhika Aapte was shifted to a caravan.  Following this, shooting was hindered.  The shooting schedule was cancelled and the crew moved from the place.

The shooting was held at another location peacefully.

Ajmal, speaking regarding this mentioned ‘Some who were watching the shooting behaved in an uncivilized manner. Most were friendly.’

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