Vijay - SA Chandrasekaran take turns to speak in audio launch of ‘Thuppaakki’

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Thursday, Oct 11, 2012

Vijay - SA Chandrasekaran take turns to speak in audio launch of ‘Thuppaakki’

The audio launch for movie ‘Thuppaakki’ starring Vijay, directed by AR Murugadoss, and for which Harris Jayaraj composes music was held with all grandeur in Park Sheraton, Adyar, Chennai.  Vijay, after releasing the audio CD sang few lines of number ‘Google... Google’

Vijay spoke ‘The movie is my dream project.  I should thank my father for the movie.  He provided me the huge team as producer Dhanu, director Murugadoss, cinematographer Santhosh Sivan, music composer Harris Jayaraj, heroine Kajal Aggarwal.  I take this opportunity to thank my father.’

 ‘It has been my desire to do a movie with Murugadoss. I know him very since movie ‘Kushi’. All of his movies have attracted me.  Every time his movie is released, I desired doing movie with him.  It got delayed and at last I got opportunity through movie ‘Thuppaakki’.  Murugadoss is a very fantastic story narrator.  As he related the movie’s story, I fully concentrated and listened.  My concentration did not shift to anything else.  AR Murugaoss has cinematized what he narrated.  So far, I have not done such movie and such character.’

‘Very since commencement of shooting, Murugadoss has carefully moulded the movie.  As a result, there is magic in every scene.  His gesture of inviting every assistant director to stage reveals his magnanimity.  As I have been observing, I comment that he is a ‘Kutty Mani Ratnam’. I have given that nickname to him. 

‘Like I told about AR Murugadoss, I need to speak about cinematographer Santhosh Sivan.  He settled in Hindi cine field and has been staying away from Tamil movies.  But as we requested he took up ‘Thuppaakki’.  He is prepared to do cinematography if he receives good story.  If our directors approach him with good script, he would take up without hesitation.’

‘Like Murugadoss and Santhosh Sivan, producer Dhanu and music composer Harris Jayaraj have toiled much for the movie.  Also, Kajal Aggarwal has put in great efforts.’

‘As I speak about Kajal, I need to tell that she is my sweet, hot and spicy girl friend for the movie’ said Vijay.

Also, Vijay began with producer Dhanu, father SAC and moved on to others and thanked them. 

The speech by SA Chandrasekaran, Vijay’s father - head of Producer Council turned out hotter. 

SA Chandrasekaran spoke ‘Initially I took up production for the movie.  Murugadoss demanded an exorbitant pay.  It is a pay which he deserves.  But still, I was not able to afford and handed over the project to Dhanu.  It is okay if we lose a crore without much tension. But receiving 10 crores with tension is not acceptable.  So I relented.  The movie would sure turn a hit.  It would definitely turn profitable for Dhanu’ said SAC. 

‘Although Vijay is my son, he allocates me a call-sheet once in three years.’

‘That was how he gave me call-sheet for Thuppaakki.  Before start of the schedules, he placed many conditions.  He demanded a lead director.  So, I approached Murugadoss.  The salary he demanded shocked me.’

‘But one cannot blame him for that.  He demanded the salary keeping in mind his credibility in the market.  So, I conceded.  But my son did not believe me.  He stressed that advance be given to Murugadoss.  Also, he said that only after advance is given to Murugadoss he would accept his payment. He confirmed over phone that advance has been given to Murugadoss.’

‘Then Vijay demanded a lead cinematographer.  We signed up Santhosh Sivan’

‘Also Vijay demanded a lead heroine.  We signed up Kajal through a manager.  It was easy to get her call-sheet. But we found it difficult to get her manager’s call-sheet.’

‘Since Vijay desired big, we arranged those for him.  But, one may ask why the movie shifted to Dhanu.  It is the truth.  I would receive what God has in mind for me.’

‘In a way, Dhanu is more suitable for the movie.  I torture very much.  I would raise questions.  I feel that everything should be in a disciplined manner.’

‘Dhanu would not have asked anything.  His mentality is as such.  The unit stayed mostly in Mumbai.  They visited Mumbai several times.  Ask Dhanu regarding how many times he has gone to Mumbai. He would not have gone even once.  He is like that’ said SA Chandrasekar.

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