Ilayathalapathy VIJAY emotions.

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Wednesday, Jul 06, 2011

Ilayathalapathy VIJAY emotions.

The final level shooting of "VELAYUTHAM" is in Pollachi and surround the villages. Actor VIJAY and film unit went to the village Vallagoundapuram and digging big well for shooting. Vijay so cordial with the peoples of this village and he came to know about this village that the village is native place of Comedyking GOUNDAMANI.  Then they enquired about this and gone to his house and met his mother who is  lived there. This house is ancestral propery of Goundamani. His mother welcomed Vijay and filmunit, she allowed them for shooting in the house.

Completion of shooting Vijay given prizes and thanked the peoples of that village. The well
digged there for shooting is also given as prize to them.
Now well is familiar as VELAYUTHAM well.

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