Vijay speaks in press meet following NaNban success

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Saturday, Jan 21, 2012

Vijay speaks in press meet following NaNban success

Following success of ‘Nanban’ Vijay arranged for a press meet in Chennai.  He gave interview to the reporters.  Here is what he said in the interview.
‘Nanban is considerably successful.  Reports are pouring in that box office collections are indeed more than previous collections.  I was interested in different character.  When I saw the movie ‘3 Idiots’ I liked it very much.  That is why I acted in the remake.  For one to act in such character the story should be such that it satisfies the director and the producer.’
‘That opportunity came through ‘Nanban’.  There is no punch dialogue.  There is heroism as fighting ten people, and there is another totally different heroism in ‘Nanban’.

‘I desired to see a different myself in the screen.  That opportunity came through ‘Nanban’.  I do not desire to thrust punch dialogues in my movies.  Only if it is required for the scene I do that.’

‘Since it was required I acted in kissing scene with Ileana.  There is nothing wrong in the scene showing Jeeva removing his pants.  It happens during college ragging.  During shooting Srikanth and Jeeva became my close friends.’
‘The flaws in the present day educational system have been portrayed in the movie.  Students should be enrolled in the subject they desire.  My father desired to make me a doctor. But since I was interested in cinema, I came to the cine industry.  My son is interested in cricket.  Next, I am acting in the movie ‘Thuppaakki’.  This movie will have a different facet.  I thank the Chief Minister for providing entertainment tax exemption.’ 

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