Vinay denies romancing Lakshmi Rai as he does ‘Onbadhula Guru’

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Thursday, Feb 21, 2013

Vinay denies romancing Lakshmi Rai as he does ‘Onbadhula Guru’

Actor Vinay has said that he does not romance actress Lakshmi Rai. 

There is rumour making rounds that Lakshmi Rai and Vinay are romancing.  Both are pairing up for movie ‘Onbadhula Guru’ directed by PT Selvakumar. 

Rumours are that both Vinay and Lakshmi Rai developed intimacy during shooting and it turned a romance.  As shooting was held in Pondicherry, rooms in two different hotels were booked, one for Vinay and another for Lakshmi Rai... It is reported that Vinay adamantly told that both should be booked rooms in the same hotel. 

Yesterday in Chennai, reporters raised question to Vinay regarding the report.  Then, Vinay spoke: -

‘Rumours are that during shooting for movie ‘Onbadhula Guru’, intimacy developed between me and Lakshmi Rai. Lakshmi Rai is a talented actress.  I saw her do each scene with dedication.  There is good understanding between me and Lakshmi Rai.  Thus, both of us did our part well.  There is no other relationship between us two.’

‘Also, I did not pester anybody to book rooms in same hotel for us both.  I have done comedy in movie ‘Onbadhula Guru’.  The movie would be an important one in my cine career.  PT Selvakumar has come out with the movie wonderfully.  Songs have come out well with music by K.  The number ‘Vaa Machi’ would attract youth.  There are others in the movie as Aravind Aakash, Premgi, Sathyan and Chaams.

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