What is Kalaiarasan's next?

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Tuesday, Mar 07, 2017

What is Kalaiarasan's next?

After a good show in Adhey Kangal, Kalaiarasan is eagerly awaiting the release of his next titlked Yeidhavan. Directed by Shakthi Rajkasekaran, the movie features Satna Titus of Pichaikkaran as heroine.

Writer Vela Ramamoorthy is also in the cast.Speaking about the film, the filmmaker, says, 'It is about our educational system. Kalaiarasan plays a middle class youth with a mission. Satna Titus has a meaty role to do. Everything has come good'.The movie has music by Partav Bargoo, brother of acclaimed singer Anuradha Sreeram.

Says the director, 'The songs are the movie's backbone. It is a mix of melody and peppy tunes'.Yeidhavan will hit the screens soon, he adds.

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