What is Maiem is all about?

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Sunday, Aug 23, 2015

What is Maiem is all about?

A P Shreethar, a popular artist has ventured to production and his maiden venture is titled Maiem.Shreethar shares and actor Kamal Haasan share a good rapport.

On many occasions, the artist had come out with sketches of Kamal Haasan that made it big among film-buffs.As a token of their friendship, Kamal Haasan released the audio of Maiem along with Gauthami.Maiem revolves around a robbery that happens in an ATM.

It is directed by a college student Aditya Bhaskaran, who has worked on short films.Says Shreethar, 'I started 'Sketch Book Productions' with the blessings of legendary filmmaker K Balachander.

Maiem can be defined as a mock tail that combines elements of romance, comedy with claustrophobic thrill.'He adds, 'The film is unique in several terms, one highlight being the introduction of 27 new technicians to the industry - director, assistant directors, editor, cinematographer, art director, stunt master,  choreographer, song music composer, to name a few.

What makes iteven more special is that 12 members of this crew including the filmmaker are currently pursuing their college education, making Maiem a first-of-its-kind movie.' 

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