What is Metro all about?

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Tuesday, Jun 21, 2016

What is Metro all about?

Bobby Simha's Metro that is hitting the screens this weekend, is said to be inspired from a real life incident. A crime-thriller, the movie explores the psyche of modern day crime.

Directed by Ananda Krishnan the movie faced some hiccups and tussle with censor board, and managed to get A certification. 'Few years ago, I had witnessed a chain snatching. Thankfully,

it was a failed attempt but the lady fell down and bruised herself in the process. The mental trauma she underwent during the split second and the ensuring hours inspired me to make Metro,' says Anand.

Apart from Bobby Simha, Metro features, Shirish, Sendrayan, Sathya and many others. It will be released under the banner of E5 Entertainments and Metro Production.

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