What's special about Saithan

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Friday, Sep 23, 2016

What's special about Saithan

Vijay Antony starrer Saithan is confirmed for a release this Deepavali.The teaser of the psycho-thriller, directed by newcomer Pradeep Krishnamoorthy was released recently. Arundhati Nair plays the heroine.

Pradeep worked as an assistant alongside Vetri Maaran in Aadukalam.Vijay Antony plays Dinesh, who is a software developer, while Arundhati Nair plays his wife in the movie.

'Dinesh has traces of schizophrenia and will don multiple looks in Saithan. This is a first for Vijay Antony, which is why he has accepted this film.

The incidents in the movie are from his character’s point of view,' says the director.Saithan will also explore Dinesh and his wife’s intimacy, says the director.It was shot in Chennai, Palakkad and Orissa.

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