Why Yuvan converted to Islam?

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Saturday, Jan 03, 2015

Why Yuvan converted to Islam?

Yuvan Shankar Raja converted to Islam, changed his name as Abdul Halik and married a muslim girl Zafrunnisa recently. He explains that he converted to Islam because of his mother who died some years ago.

“It was a spiritual experience. My friend had been to Mecca and he said to me, 'You seem to be really low. You have to move on.' He gave me the musalla (the prayer mat) and said, if you are feeling really heavy, just sit on it.

Oneday I started feeling really heavy thinking about my mom who has died of heart attack and I sat on the mat for the first time started crying saying, 'Ya Allah please forgive my sins.'That was 2012.

I started reading the Quran and the translations and it connected with me really fast. I started practising Islam and learnt how to pray and by January 2014, felt sure about converting”. 

Yuvan first married his long-time girlfriend and London-based playback singer, Sujaya, in 2005. After his divorce in 2008, the composer entered into wedlock for the second time with Shilpa Mohan in September, 2011, which didn't last long either. He got married for third time recently.

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